Unlock your potential and script your own story of growth and fulfillment at Janalakshmi.


For many in Janalakshmi, the key attraction is to work in a professional organization growing at a very fast pace, and to become world class. For many others, it is the fact that the work they do makes a difference to the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of migrants, slum dwellers and urban underserved is satisfying. The pride of growing in a company that is ethical, provides an opportunity to make an impact, and to work on cutting edge initiatives makes Janalakshmi a truly unique organization to work for. Many of our people say the company’s growth over the last five years is testament to their own hard work and success, to the search for innovative solutions that add value to customers. Still others are glad of the opportunity the company offers them to do further studies while continuing to work, or to own an affordable home.

Janalakshmi is a space where personal and professional goals meet without conflict. We are sensitive to issues regarding women. We are also an equal opportunity employer. Most of our able young people who go out into the field and interact daily with customers have been recruited from the latter’s families and milieu. We offer them robust training and an education plan, and groom the brightest to rise to managerial positions.

Janalakshmi makes it possible for individuals to unlock their potential by investing in technology and systems, people-sensitive schemes, development and leadership programs; and also by enabling a culture that rewards performance, passion and innovation. Over the next decade the urban population in India is estimated to grow 40 percent; half this number will comprise migrants and their dreams and aspirations. Many will be our customers, working in urban streets and slums, writing their own stories of success; many will be our employees.

While working at the grassroots, we are technologically advanced, and often cited as the best in class in the field we operate in. We employ best practice in management and provide our employees an unparalleled access to working on cutting edge initiatives. With ambitions to become the best in what we do, we attract talent not based on big bucks or a glamorous environment, but to make an impact on the organization and beyond, work on exciting projects, and to grow with the organization.


Most of my working hours are spent in the slum, helping those without food or shelter. By God’s grace I joined Janalakshmi, where the focus is to uplift these people and offer financial support to them. Janalakshmi gave me an opportunity to spend quality time with my family, raise our standard of living, provide my family with all their needs and help the underprivileged.

Vital Yesudoss A.
AVP (Training)