If all our customers desire to rise out of poverty, educate children, build a home, run a business, save money for the future, all they need is an entity that will allow them to achieve their potential and realise their dreams. Janalakshmi makes it possible.


I took my first loan because we were in great financial difficulty. I used the money to buy more stock for my flower business and to improve our day to day life. Our situation is better today but I continue to work very hard.


We got out of the debt trap through Janalakshmi. Today I’m saving money through the Badhti Bachat scheme and have also started a pension plan. My
husband is an auto driver. I started my own tailoring and sari business to show I’m capable of being independent.

Smt. Dhana Lakshmi

My customers call me Phenylkariamma. In my area, I am the number one person in phenyl, earning Rs. 1500 to 1700 every day. I feel confident knowing
Janalakshmi is by my side.’