Technology is at the core of all we do

From the start we were absolutely clear that to be able to deliver the envisaged full range of financial services and products we would need to have a world class scalable technology platform.

At the centre is the Payments Plus platform, built around three key components:
The front end is a biometric-based transaction device; the back end holds the Core Banking System (CBS); bridging the two is a
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Technology allows us to: gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and patterns, to analyse and plan, to achieve process efficiencies, to
provide a world class experience to all stakeholders. Our technology vision is a completely transformed core delivery system that will take
payment services to the doorstep of every customer.


Our field staff use netbooks and phablets to capture customer biometrics. By ensuring error-free identification, biometrics safeguards against duplication and fraud and enables both real-time as well as secure transactions. The biometric eco-system is Aadhaar compliant and can be used, in the future, for a wide range of Aadhaar-enabled transactions.

Customised Core Banking

Our Core Banking System (CBS) is the repository of all financial information relating to customers. It is designed to withstand future tests of scale and product diversity. The customised Oracle Flexcube allows instant access and control over customer data, from any branch or remote location.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer information and credit details captured on the cloud-based CRM platform, (SFDC), deepen our understanding of customers. By making comprehensive data easily accessible, SFDC facilitates planning, analysis and customisation of products
and services. It also ensures standardisation of processes across the company.

Prepaid Cards

Loans are not disbursed in cash, but can be accessed by customers using an open-loop prepaid card. The cards are issued under an arrangement
with DCB Bank and Federal Bank and can be used at all Visa ATMs and merchant locations across the country. The prepaid card platform is fully integrated
with biometric enabled front-end devices as also the CRM system.

Badhti Bachat

Badhti Bachat, a small savings product designed to help customers save small amounts daily, weekly or monthly has been
launched on mPos. The mPos technology is integrated with the prepaid cards platform by an arrangement
with DCB Bank.

MIS or Balanced Score Card

We have adopted the balanced score card system that is used by many Fortune 500 companies. The system facilitates real-time MIS, tracking and monitoring of various key business metrics, and provides the company with strong internal controls and a robust performance management system.

Spatial Analytics

Advanced geo-spatial analytical tools render customer MIS spatially in order to facilitate decision making related to Operations and Strategy.
We have regular spatial rendering of balanced score card MIS, branch feasibility reports, and mapping of customers to identify penetration
and sourcing potential. The technology is provided by Jana Urban Space.